Lorie's Advocacy & Training

Paralegal Education

• Associate/Applied Sciences Legal Studies for the Paralegal, St. Louis Community College: May 2004

• Elder Law Internship: Spring Semester: 2004

• MO State Civil Mediation Certification [Rule 17] SLU Law School: August 2003

Once you learn to think with a legal mind, like riding a bike, you never forget.

sample legal writing


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Obama Democrat

Our family went to President Obama's first Inauguration in 2009. In 2010, I was honored to meet the President one week before he signed the ACA into law. In 2012, I was also able to meet Michelle Obama.

From the beginning, I was all in for Barack Obama's campaign. Continued training from Organizing for Action has given me the courage to step up and serve the 24th Ward.

OFA Training

• Organizing for Action (OFA): 2007 to present

• OFA Summer Fellows Program 2018: Community Engagement

• OFA Spring Fellows Program: 2014

Advocate for Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was the foot in the door on the path to Universal Healthcare for citizens. Many lives were saved because of access to affordable insurance, that was once denied due to pre-existing conditions.

We must continue to stand for those who suffer in our Ward and State because MO did not expand Medicaid. We still have work to do for the future of our citizens.

Rebuilding Community & Caring for Aging Neighbors

• Caregiver since 2004

• Specializing in assisting families needing Senior and/or Hospice Care

• Elder Law Internship: Spring Semester: 2004

The Power of Women

We need one more State need to make equality for all of US. I'm grateful that my support helped make this film possible.

Feed My People Advocacy

• Feed My People: Speaker, Advocacy: 2003-2004

Photo courtesy of City of St. Louis

Neighborhood Roots

• Clifton Heights Resident for over 30 years

• Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association President: 2004-2005

• Mother of 3 daughters

• Grandmother of 5

• Married to Steve Cavin for 36 years