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Airport Privatization

I am not in favor of privatizing the Airport. What’s the rush? Privatizing hurts people. Who ultimately makes the money? Carl Ichan destroyed TWA, and made money. The Airport is still recovering from that pillaging. Union jobs are at risk. The Airport is an asset for the City, along with Earnings tax, both of which are being threatened by outside moneyed interests, during such fluid and difficult times of decision for the City.

Map courtesy of Planning & Urban Design Agency -St. Louis City

City Ward Reduction

When Voters go to the polls, they vote on the issues before them. The results of these votes should stand. Again and again, after the vote, those in power who disagree with the outcome bring whatever is at their disposal to countermand the will of the people. Clean Missouri was approved by 61% of MO voters. Now were told State Politicians are not happy with what the voters wanted. “Right to Work” lost again.

The City voted in 2012 for Ward reduction. Keeping people in all Wards involved the process as we go through this change is of vital importance. We must act in fairness to all residents who have legitimate concerns about representation before Wards are redrawn.

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Union Representation

I support Unions. At this critical time, workers around the country need the representation and protections that Unions offer members. Ultimately, all workers in the US benefit from the many protections we take for granted, like the 40 hour work week. In Saint Louis, many issues before us, must take into account the need for Unions to thrive, so that people can thrive as well. Apprenticeships and training for good paying jobs can be filled by City residents. We must keep Unions strong and make sure that training is available for people. Service workers provide the support that keep businesses and governments open. Domestic Workers deserve respect for their work and a Living Wage to perform the many duties and endure difficulties due to low pay. Women perform many of these jobs and must be compensated for their work.

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Protections for Women

Women are at the forefront of protecting their rights under direct attack by Local, State and Federal Governments. A woman's right to have choice in all areas of healthcare is vital to her well being as well as her family's. I am honored to be endorsed by NARAL in the 24th Ward Primary election. I stand with women of all ages in keeping established Federal law in place regarding privacy, safety and access to reproductive healthcare. At the City level, we need to establish legal buffer zones for women accessing care at Planned Parenthood. Now more than ever, women's rights are human rights.


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City/County Merger

As Better Together rolls out its 160 page plan, questions arise. The People of STL City must have a voice in the Merger Plan. We must organize and work together for a future that benefits ALL citizens, of ALL City neighborhoods, for ALL children to have what they need to freely learn in Public Schools. Look at what is on our collective STL plate: Airport Privatization. Ward Reduction. City/Country Merger. All about money. All about power. This is why I am running for 24th Ward Alderwoman. We the People want honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion from ALL those who think they can shove something down our throats, with millions spent, to stop our voices from being heard

Friend to the Environment

When I see what is happening to our planet, I am determined to listen, learn and act for our children and grandchildren. In our Ward, making sure that new development adheres to Federal, State and Local Environmental Laws is very important.

Stormwater Plans are part of the Clean Water Act. MSD oversees this vital part of our local compliance. Rain gardens offer another way to absorb stormwater and offer green space for residents to enjoy.

Community gardens and other participatory environmental activities strengthen our neighborly bonds and encourage engagement in the community.