Common sense, knowledge and empathy are the basics needed to make a real difference in our communities. With a willingness to stand for positive change for all, I offer my service to the 24th Ward.


Courage starts with core values that gives stability when confronted with difficult situations. Put into action, courage is the willingness to speak up, organize and act for the 24th Ward and our City.


Respect leads to cooperation. Listening to others, even if you do not agree, is necessary when representing others.

This is where negotiations live and work.


Progress: We can measure it. We can make it.

Let's face the future together, as neighbors in the 24th Ward.

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My name is Lorie Cavin. I’m from Rhode Island. My family moved to St. Louis in January 1960. As a child, teen and as an adult I’ve spent over 30 years on the same street I grew up on. Steve, my husband and I raised our 3 daughters in my family home. We have roots.

In 2004, I completed my Associates Degree as a Paralegal, including Civil Mediation Intensive at SLU Law School. I then volunteered as President of Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association.

A series of events with then Alderman Tom Bauer happened. He was not listening to his constituents. I initiated the recall and the neighborhoods organized. And we won.

My volunteering continued with both Obama elections. I also worked with Organizing for Action (OFA) for healthcare in 2010. I was invited to meet President Obama. I completed the OFA Summer 2018 Community Engagement Fellowship. 450 applicants were selected out of 1500.

I’m ready to step up and serve the 24th Ward.

Yard Sign Pickup! At The Ink Spot 1/19/19

24th Ward Progressive Democrats Candidate Forum 1/16/19

24th Ward Progressive Democrats Candidate Forum 1/16/19

Lorie addressing the STL Young Dems 1/15/19

At City Hall for Pledge to Vote Against Privatization of Lambert International Airport and sign petition for a public vote! #STLNFS 1/10/19

Great post-election discussion at Drinking Liberally - 12/4/18

With the 24WPD's assembling care packages for our unhoused neighbors. 12/12/18

Holiday time with daughters. 12/18

First candidate to file! 11/26/18

City/County Democrats Holiday Party 12/21/18

Cavin Family 12/18

STL Board of Aldermen Meeting 12/18



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